Zing Wang Zee or Zack was one of the rebels that helped the Conquerors invade Zhong in the second Devourer war. His spirit animal is a Lemur named Dachu who often helps Zack make decisions Zack left Dachu in passive state most of the time he was planning for the invasion of Zhong simply because he knew that Dachu would disagree strongly. Zing Wang Zee actually doesn't mind the Greencloaks he just hates the Zhongesse government. He hates the Zhongesse  government so much because when he was a boy before he had summoned Dachu his father had started a movement in their home town called "Zhongesse Communism" It had become rather popular and the Zhongesse government knew they would have to kill the ringleader of the movement to stop it from becoming a revolution. The government gave no warning and one night attacked Zack's hometown of Kang Dao with 100's of soldiers. Zing's dad sent him out into a nearby forest and ordered him to reach Eura. 1 month had passed when a band of mercenary's came into the Euran town Zack was staying in. The mercenary's had the Communist flag and rode in with defeated facial expressions they then told Zack that both of his parents had been murdered brutally by the military. The mercenary's had also brought Zack's nectar to drink it was apparently his father's last wish that he drank the nectar. After he summoned Dachu he traveled with the mercenary's doing odd jobs until he was offered a position in the "Zhongesse Rebel Movement" or the "ZRM". And then when the Conquerors reached out to the rebels he was chosen to lead them as their general even though he was disliked by many Conquerors. He is also one of Dunkey123's OCS