There are many rules. Follow them all. Or else

Regular rules

  • Use the Golden Rule please
  • No swearing. If you are describing something, use 'hellish' only.
    • In addition to "hellish", you can say damn
  • No godmodding (RPing as someone else's character without their permission) and no Mary Sueing (creating characters that don't have weaknesses, making them immortal, with unreasonable powers, ect.)
  • No sexual talk, please. Please.
  • If someone is bullying you, tell a mod (Pinkypuma or Hawky).

Fanon Rules

  • No taking names.
  • Please don't be angry if someone else calls their character the Keeper when yours is. There can be multiple Keepers
  • Only you can decide if your character wants to die.
  • If you and a person you're RPing with start fighting (not in RP, but about stuff that's supposed to happen), let one of the mods know.