Sasha is a childhood friend of Lenori.She grew up In Lenori's village in Amaya.Her spirit animal is a Sandhill crane named loutus. For a very short time Sasha was in possession of the marble swan.As a young girl Sasha would often run away into the swamps near her village for days at a time.Becase of this Sasha has an amazing knowledge of edible and medicinal plants.Sasha's friendship with Lenori is something that will never be broken,she calls Lenori "The big sister I never had,"

lotus Edit

Loutus is Sasha's sand hill crane. Every morning loutus goes on top of Sasha's hut and starts calling very loudly like a roster on a farm. Lotus enjoys the responabilty of waking up the village every morning, even though she sometimes forgets and the job is picked up by Sasha's pet grey winged trumpeter or everyone gets to sleep in. The main power loutus gives Sasha is visions of the future,some what like Lenori. Even though Sasha is not as good at receiveing and interpreting visions as Lenori,Lenori often consolts with Sasha about her visions.Loutus also has an unusual affinity for chasing Sasha's pet grey winged trumpeter named pip. When pip is not around (or is hiding from loutus) loutus just chases the village chickens and ducks.loutus finds it fun but the chickens,ducks and pip would beg to differ.Loutus is very sweet most of the time and very loving,however when she thinks Sasha is in trouble loutus can be very feirce

Althogh Sasha seems brave she has one main weakness, she has a fear of talking to pepole she does not know well or speaking in public.she regularly frezess up when talking,loutus will also go into passive state when Sasha is talking.She learned this fear when as a yong girl every time she atempted to talk in front of some of the mean village kids, they would either insult of tease her or knock her to the ground and run away.