Sabrina lived about 2 miles from the evertree when she was 3 years old, moved to Artica at 10 years old. Her father comes from East Eura, Her mother comes from North Amaya. She was one of the people taken by the wyrm, but never made it to the wyrm, because she was in Artica, the over 200 mile difference and the natural glaciers that surround it compleatly blocked the wyrms call, for a very short period of time Artica was a dangerous isle filled with over 9000 of the Many, nobody could return to Artica because of the Wyrm totem deep in the ice caverns continued to control the many, this caused nobody to return to Artica for over ten years, it all ended when greencloaks came and demolished and burned the totem, Sabrina had a handful of siblings named Andres who lives in Oceanus, Vicky who lives In The Hundred Isles, Maddie who lives in Nilo, Bobby who lives in Artica, Casey who lives in Eura, Zamara who lives in Central Zhong, Xian who lives in east Oceanus, finally the odd one Gweniviere (Gweny-veer) who lives in North Sadre.