Oslo is a small town in Mid-Eura. Lisa, Dan, Artemis, Jason, Nico, Amilia, Matthew, Thalia, James and Sophia come from there. The population is around 2500.


300 years ago, Ty, (a slave) started a small hideout township for slaves and the poor to escape. Pretty soon they all had kids. Former slaves just kept coming. Then there was a town. Ty married Elena and became leader. Generations came, and then Dan was born. He summoned Ajax, the Black Bear. At age 30, he married Lisa, who summoned Kamala the Mountain Lion. They had Sophia, Matthew, and James. Sophia summoned Clio the Bernese Montain Dog, Matthew summoned Ollie the Otter, and James summoned Duke, the Grizzly Bear.

Conqueror Invasion

Oslo was having a massive celebration for Andromeda Day, which is like Christmas. It was then, when the Conquerors struck. Of course, Oslo has many heroes. The battle lasted 1 month, killing 784 people, torturing 1200, dragging them of to concentration camps. The conquorers burned many homes, and set up camp. But, Oslos entire population struck, scaring them away. Oslo was back. And free.

List of Known Oslo Marked

Penny unknown

Paul unknown

Joyce unknown

Dan Ajax the Black Bear

Lisa Kamala the Mountain Lion

Sophia Clio the Bernese Montain dog

Matthew Ollie the Otter

James Duke the Bear

Nico Lucky the Kermode Bear

Emilia Iris the Deer

Thalia Aurora the Pika

Jason Orion the Lynx

Artemis Glacier the Caribou