The Ogleen Empire is a powerful empire that rules northern Nilo and parts of southern Eura. Their capitol is a port city named New Huffish. The Ogleen Empire is friendly with the greencloaks.

History Edit

Pre-Conquerer invasion Edit

The Ogleen Empire was formed by groups of villages and tribes to make greater unity in the Niloan region. The kingdom was mostly at peace until a group of people that had different religious beliefs left the Ogleen Empire and headed south. They formed the Nilo Republic.

Conquerer invasion Edit

When the Conquerers invaded Nilo, the Ogleen Empire was to busy fighting the Nilo Republic to pay attention to the Conquerers. The Conquerers swiftly crushed the Nilo Republic, moving onto a stunned Ogleen Empire. Most of the people of the Ogleen Empire fled the region but some stubbornly continued to fight the Conquerers. They were slowly pushed into their very northern regions. They became very close allies with the greencloaks.

Post-Conquerer invasion Edit

After the Conquerers were defeated the Ogleen Empire took back all of it's territory, and some of the ex-Nilo Republic territory (the Conquerers had extremely weakened the already weak Nilo Republic, causing it to collapse)