Noah Quicksand is a young oceanian Green-Cloak.

Appearance Edit

Noah is a handsome red-haired and green-eyed adolescent with freckles on his cheeks. He wears black square glasses, an orange shirt, light brown pants, brown boots and a green cloak.

History Edit

Noah was born in Oceanus. When he was 11, he drank th Nectar of Ninani and he summoned a spirit animal that he named Barsavia. While the Four Fallen were split up fighting the Wyrm and saving the new summoners of the Great Beasts, he joined a secret part of the Green-Cloaks who was looking for the talismans that appeared with the new Great Beasts, just where these animals used to be.

Abilities Edit

Noah is not strong physically but he is very smart and intelligent. He loves to solve problems and riddles. He is very skilled at taking care of animals and humans, to feed and heal them. He is also very skilled with a whip or with a bow.

Talismans spirit animals by applejack2307 dcdvug4-fullview

The magic talismans of the fifteen Great Beasts