Mithra is Mai's Spirit Animal.She is one of the Four Awaken.She was the patron beast of Stetriol.


Mithra was one of the Four Awaken Great Beasts.She has gold eyes,and is a mostly venomous and dangerous Spirit Animal.She was awakened in the first war against King Feliandor while helping the Four Fallen after they were killed and the Greencloaks,she gained her talisman.It was said at the time that she took Jhi's place,which is why she gained Jhi's docile spirit.Then,she and the other Four Awaken went into hibernation mode,which meant she lost her talisman.A prophecy was made predicting the Four Fallen and Four Awaken's return.When Mai and Meilin summoned Mithra and Jhi in Stetriol and Zhong,the prophecy was fulfilled.She has the ability to shoot poison from her mouth and breath fire.Mithra also helps Mai to burn her enemies to death.


Mithra's talisman is the Cloth Komodo Dragon.It gives the user Pyrokinesis,the ability to control or make fire out of nothing and helps the user burn his/her enemies to death


.Mithra seems to be the only member of the Four Awaken who so far has not been shown full hostility by another Great Beast

.She is the first of the Four Awaken to be introduced