Kyung So
Character information
Age 12-13
Gender Male
Nationality Zhongese
Family Unnamed parents
Unnamed grandmother
Spirit Animal Iseul the Sunda-Pangolin
Appears in Reborn Royals
Affiliation The Greencloaks

Kyung So is a young Greencloak who appears in the fanfiction "Reborn Royals". He is one of H-awky's OCs.


Kyung was born in Zhong. His family urged him to join the Greencloaks, and Kyung agreed, hoping to make his parents and grandmother proud (which he did). Due to him being shy and a bit eccentric, Kyung didn't make any friends at first, but he eventually found friends who embraced his strange personality. At Greenhaven he summoned his spirit animal, Iseul.

Kyung and his three best friends (Lora Quinn, Eryn Griffiths, and Javier Rivera) are sent on a mission to collect three talismans: one of the Griffon, the Kraken, the Dragon, and the Pegasus. Kyung obtains the second talisman: The Kraken, which gives him the nickname "Seawatcher".


As his spirit animal suggests, Kyung has a hard outer shell, and was often believed to be a great potential warrior of the Zhongese military. With his spirit animal's presence, he has the ability to detect certain objects underground and often used his talent to find pretty, shiny things to collect in his room when he was young. He has a strong liking of interior design, although he will never admit it.

To others Kyung appears quite eccentric and awkward, but by making friends his self-confidence slowly rose. He frequently tries to make romantic advances on random Greencloaks (usually Lora or Eryn, but sometimes Javier or Vale) but they are always rejected.


His family: Kyung is very close to his family, especially his grandmother. He promised to visit them after he had joined the Greencloaks.

Eryn: Eryn is routinely annoyed by Kyung's antics, but Kyung doesn't notice and mistakes it for her usual personality. When Kyung becomes flirty with somebody, Eryn will drag him away. To their other friends, Kyung and Eryn appear like an old married couple.