The Kingdom of Eura is a vast kingdom that covers almost all of Eura. Eurans like to think of themselves as "advanced". Their capitol is the great city of Twin Rivers, located at the fork of two rivers in central Eura.

History Edit

Pre-Conquerer invasion Edit

The Kingdom of Eura started out as a single castle put quickly took advantage of the different lords' squabbles and swiftly took over Eura. They got into a war with the Icemen that inhabited the very north of Eura.

Conquerer invasion Edit

Compared to other factions, the Kingdom of Eura was largely unaffected by Conquerer invasion, thouhg if the war had dragged on then Eura would have been invaded and would have crumbled. The Eura army played a major part in the Battle of Erdas.

Pro-Conquerer invasion Edit

The Kingdom of Eura gave the northern territory that they had squabbled with the Icemen to the Icemen as a "thank you" for saving everybody from the Conquerers.