She is a mysterious 5th Year from Jade House at Greenaden Academy, noted also to be an Observer*. She summoned a red spitting cobra but most people don't know that. Aleska, Allya, and Ezekiel, along with a few others are said to be a part of her "little group of slaves". She also isn't very trustworthy, trusting, nice, cheerful, or sociable, for that matter.

*There is one Observer for each of all the 15 houses, who decide as a group (along with all 15 Head Students, like a Student Council of their sorts), which 25 kids get into each house each year. (I'll show you all the mathematics and stuff on the main page I made here.)


  1. I changed her spirit animal b/c of an Animal Eyewitness Encyclopedia book I got in it from my library at school -- I put up the picture later, since it's the best I've seen so far.