The Icemen are a group of people who live in the north of Eura. Their lifestyle is very similar to that of the Ardu. There are few Icemen left due to clashes with Eura or The Kingdom Of Eura and because many moved into Ardu territory. They have not been very active since the first Devouerer war in which they defended the Devourer for his actions.

    Pre Conqueror InvasionEdit

The Icemen had been shunned by many other Kingdoms and Empires after they defended the (First)Devourer for his actions saying "His aggresion is justified his parents have left the boy in a very tough position where his people demand more but he cannot give them what they want so, as any good leader would do he is taking what his people need." The Icemen had very few trade routes with other Nations And Empires so they learned to from the Ardu of Arctica taking what they needed from the land and they became very close allies with them.

    During The Conqueror InvasionEdit

The Icemen were quickly overrun by the Conquerors even with the help of the Ardu.However they defender their capitol Linnake longer than anyone expected by using a WIP