Gron, Is a Greencloak who summoned a Hawk named Modig he was assigned the job of fixing equipment that was damaged until, he was put onto a team that were trying to take down the last Conqueror stronghold in Northern Eura called Fort Sophia. The team he was on consisted of some very talented Greencloaks such as Wix and her dove Maka, Fin and his Lynx Rapto and Dakota and his Black Panther Nihani.

Early Life: Gron grow up in Northern Eura (hence why he was put on the team as a guide in Northern Eura) Gron had a very uneventful childhood until he summoned Modig. The day Gron summoned Modig his life was changed forever. Immediatly after he summoned Modig his vision became very keen and he was able to see small things that nobody else could such as an incredibly small dent in a sword or breastplate. After he summoned Modig his mother encouraged him to become a Greencloak.
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