Adira Stevens and Archie the red fox

Kassidy Wilson and Juniper the African hunting dog

Lotus Brown and Jade the snowy owl

Luna Winters and Silky the hourglass dolphin

Vanessa Dexic and Chinka the bobcat and Rufus the lion and Caspian the golden jackal and Kora the jumping mouse




Artellia Rose and Elsa the white Siberian tiger

Kayla Magewood and Sierra the snow leopard

Lucien Platiau and Vitel the border collie

Lilly Whitney and Mika the ginger red fox


Savannah Cursept and Racer the cheetah

Sarah Woodland and Brick the eland


Ashton Paxton and Vern the black hawk

Lauren the Greencloak and Coif the lynx

Mai the Greencloak and Livorum the zebra

Qusem the Greencloak and Longtooth the hippo

Lilith Nevian and Flamethrower the Phoenix


Athon Stoneford

Allya Emma Kya Miles Rhiyanna

Kyle Nicholas Scott Tyler Trinity

Aleska Bell Ezekiel Naomi Noah

Abraham Luke Makisa Seka Zoe

Andraya Akwasi Mary Qui Yue Theodore

Aliyah Ben Geneth Jennifer Riley

Sky Mason Sage Jasmine Blizz Opal

Brayden Callie Carly Ella Eko Evelin Fifi Hunter Irena Jin Kougan Larquin Lora Lillia Luka Nyal Ray Russet Rikon Reanly Tray Xantu Zak

Amber Edge Hannah Kai Olive Plat