Faith is a 12-year-old girl from Amaya. Her spirit animal, Aura, is a jaguar. Shortly after Faith's Nectar ceremony, Conquerers invaded her village. They killed everyone and burned the village to ashes. Faith and Aura were the only survivors. For a year, Faith roamed the wilds of Amaya with Aura, hunting for food and surviving alone. On one of their rare trips into a town, they met a young greencloak and after helping him fight off a gang of thugs, he invited them to join the greencloaks. After a while, they accepted, and still live in the forest not very far from Sunset Tower.

Faith and Aura's bond is very playful. Faith shows no shame in insulting Aura, and Aura retaliates by play-fighting and giving her gentle bites. They are very close and are never seen very far apart. When in passive mode, Aura disappears into a tattoo on Faith's right shoulder. Some of the abilities that Faith gained after summoning Aura were the ability to move almost silently, sharpened hearing and sight, and an almost effortless agility when climbing.