She is known to you all as the infamous 13-year-old leader of the Shadow Warriors. Bonded to a huge female black panther named Shade, very fierce and untamed and wild. Much like her human partner. A war that happened 200 years ago that nobody will soon forget: 200 years before Seka and her friends come to the academy, and 200 years after the Wyrm fell. But how did she end up here? It started with the Bonding Sickness. Somehow, even though tree sap and almost all water sources now bubble with this precious resource and Gerathon regrew after her partner died, she never got either of them. But she now wields al the talismans, and the Staff of Cycles is therefore hers now. She's got an army of 15 Great Beasts, a powerful and stealthy spirit animal that's the symbol of how her army works, the half with spirit animals and the half without. The first to command Gerathon to lend her mind-controlling powers over to her, which ironically started the trend of special Marked seen now with the Great Beasts' powers, hidden within the walls of the old academy. She won for a short time using Zerif's method kinda, Gerathon working as the Wyrm even though it's gone now. The Survivor Games are based off a severe form of punishment that she used before her reign ended in about 3 months, she got destroyed and hardly even ruled much more than Stetriol and her Euran home, almost obliterated the 3 smaller regions and half of Zhong too, and very much on purpose.