Desta Trunswick (now Azilia Ebonyheart) is the daughter of Zerif and Countess Trunswick, who is also Devin and Dawson's mother. The Earl of Trunswick threw Desta out of Trunswick Keep when she was six, so her mother came with her daughter and changed her name to Azilia Ebonyheart, after her grandmother. At the age of eight, Desta summoned a fox she called Achilles, who was just about invincible. Two years, her mother died, and Desta was left to fend for herself with the help of Achilles. She traveled to Amaya and stayed with Smarty and Digger, until Rollan got arrested and she was told that she needed to go. She went to Stetriol and became a Conqueror, then was forced to drink the bile despite the fact that she had already bonded. When the Bile maelfunctioned, she and Achilles merged, and Desta joined the Redcloaks. There, she became known as Ember, in honor of the color of Achilles's pelt. She used to have feelings toward King, but those feelings moved on to Karmo, who does not return them. Desta is about the same age as Devin. Devin did not know that Ember was his sister until after the Battle of the Place of Desolation, when Stead offered Ember Shane's red cloak and mask, and she declined, saying that 'my brother knew King better than me and deserves his symbols more than I do,' pointing to Devin.

Ember used to have dirty blond hair, brown eyes, and pale skin, but those features change when she becomes a Redcloak. Her hair is now russet, her eyes golden, and her skin still pale, but her neck has grown russet fur, which constantly irritates her. She is a very loyal, sarcastic, easily irritated, pessimistic, and smart person, but she does not trust easily.