She is 12 and is a first year in the series. She goes to Greenaden Academy, her spirit animal is a Tasmanian devil named Tora, and she's from Stetriol. Actually, she's Stetriolan royalty. (BEWARE -- I'm very horrible to this character. Or most of mine, for that matter. Since autocorrect was killing me, I also don't take kindly to people calling her "Alaska".) When she 11 and summoned her spirit animal, her older sister Alana (based off of another, slightly psychotic Alana, who's dead now) beheaded their older brother Alexander/Xavier, not one of the Marked either of the older siblings were, to take his place on the throne, thinking that Aleska would follow her since she's Marked now. Instead, Aleska ran away for revenge, and even though she's still evil, was a whole year younger and got scared. Her little sis Allya followed but then later ran back to the castle (Hah, autocorrect said "casket") and then pledged her loyalty to Alana. She later summoned a saltwater corcodile. Also, I got my facts wrong: I forgot Alana had summoned a wolverine. Hah! Then Allya uses that spirit animal as a coverup for her own (no, she doesn't have two). Though both are devoted followers of Jasmine Sage and both are evil and know Ezekiel, Aleska wants and succeeds in turning "creepy Zeke" to her side, as she portrays that they are enemies earning him his "nickname" w/ the large group of first years I created/edited (tried to actually write 'slash' there). Omg. They are complete and total enemies though, as is show many times later on even though she's a year older. Unknown specifally how old Alana is though. Also both her parents died at shipwreck and Alana is a teenager, heir to the throne and training up her littler little sis to be her follower and successor, and also maybe the "3rd Devourer", too. I'll add more later. Ch. 1 I'm gonna try to start now, though.